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Precious Jewels present King Of The Jungle

Ladies Retreat May 2017

Easter Egg Hunt 2017

Precious Jewels 2016 Christmas Musical

Ladies Fall Festival 2016

2016 Trunk or Treat

Thank You Cliff and Geri Arriola

2016 Ladies Day Retreat Camp Allen

2016 Easter Egg Hunt

2016 Childrens Choir Present Sermon On The Mound

4th Food Pack 28Feb2016

Ladies Fall Celebration 2015

Precious Jewels Spend Awhile On The Nile

Neighborhood Night Out

Stop Hunger Now Food Pack 3

Stop Hunger Now, January 2015

Children's Choir December 2014

Stop Hunger Now September 2014

Feed My Starving Children August 2014

Youth August 2014

Childrens Choir June 2014

Memorial Day Fellowship and Graduates 2014

Womens Spring Retreat 2014

2014 Easter Egg Hunt

Ladies Craft Night 2014

Valentine Dinner 2014

2013 We Three Spies Children's Choir

Womens Fall Celebration 2013

Trunk or Treat 2013

Dangriga, Belize Trip

New Welcome Center

Pacesetters to Lanier Theological Library

Youth Mission Trip 2013

Youth Camp 2013 Alto Frio

2013 Church Retreat

2013 VBS

2013 Easter Egg Hunt

2012 Rockin Royal Christmas

Trunk or Treat 2012

2012 Youth Mission Trip

2012 Youth at Camp Alto Frio

Amazing Wonders VBS 2012

VBS Set-up 2012

Deacon Ordination 2012

Youth Spring Follies 2012

2012 Easter Egg Hunt

Womens Retreat 2012

The Great Escape 2012

Harvest Fest October 2011

2012 Childrens Choir

Student Life Mission Camp June 2011

Childrens Choir - Living Inside Out - May 2011

Student Ministries Disciple Now Weekend April 2011

Men's Cook Off and Youth Dessert Auction July 2011

Easter Egg Hunt April 2011

Ladies Fall Celebration 2011

Ladies 19th Annual Retreat April 2011

Ground Breaking Children and Youth Building January 2011

VBS The Big Apple June 2011

Ladies 18th Annual Retreat 2010

Warming Hearts Warming Homes January 2011